“he Turnchapel Pig is in short a remarkable album that contains something for everyone, and is a must hear. There isn't a bad track on the disc, and my personal high points are the tongue in cheek look at the British obsession with drunken sex “Big Arse” with it's driving dancey beats and the emotive eroticism of “Turn You On”, a track that has to be one of the most sexy pieces of music ever recorded.”

Whitebeard Music Reviews

“A great slice of madcap English humour - your suddenly in unrecognisable surroundings!”

Computer Music

“English eccentricity in the grand tradition of the Kinks and XTC!”

Future Music

“Songs are well arranged in that progressive-rock style!”

Sound on Sound

“The arrangement effectively pulls the listener in through strong melody, excellent vocals and interesting lyrics!”

Future Music

"Ren's got a good sound on the go and is inventive in his arrangement… and sounds impressive."

Computer Music

This site is the home of the music of Ren Capes.  Here you can find and listen to the entire catalogue of Ren’s recorded work from 1981 to the present day.  This includes crude ideas recorded onto a mono cassette deck,

through to complete albums recorded more professionally.  

Ren’s music is available to buy under his own name through iTunes and other reputable music retailers.

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