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Come inside into the warm.  Take off your coat, sit down and have a lovely cup of tea….

Why not listen to some of Ren’s music?  Some of it might seem strange, but many of us are in fact a little bit strange, don’t you agree?

There’s a lovely variety of songs and music for you here in this remarkable collection of rocktronica.  We’re sure you’ll find something you like, from silly little love songs to subversive rock and roll, some quiet, some noisy.  Some of it works, some of the earlier stuff can leave a bit to the imagination.  It’s nearly all about light, love and magik, and especially freedom.  It tries to be real, and tug at the real-strings in its listeners.

Why not pause the background music and try Funfair to get you off to an energetic start, followed by Make you love me to keep the tempo up?  You could then turn the lights down with Twisted leader, and keep them down real low with Turn you on…hmmm.  Later, fly away into the night with Batflap…  In fact, why don’t you try them all on the music page!

Remember!  You can go anywhere you like with English Eccentric Rocktronica! Buy some today!

Contact Ren Capes

You can contact Ren Capes directly by emailing ren.capes@sparklymusic.com

PS:       e who you are and follow your dreams!

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