1998 Recorded on Minidisk         I’m Wrong Too         Hit Me         Insane         Sail Away         Tell Her Something Digana 1999-2002         Significant         Trees         On The Ground         Xper         I’m Wrong         I’m Wrong Too         Hit Me         Sail Away         Serial Dater         Tell Her Something         On A Roll         Gave ‘Em This Other albums 5: Have to kill you New Album ‘Look but See’ for 2016 14 eccentric tracks! 9: What do  you feel? 10: Twisted  Leader 11: Turn you on 12: Seed inside 14: Gave ‘em this All music © Ren Capes please do not steal but buy my music!
12 Turn you on 25 160.mp3 New single Christmas  in the heart
Bess (not music but a motorcycle)
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